Slowing the Aging Process with Chinese Medicine

One of the things about Chinese Medicine that fascinates me is how the Medicine views aging.  According to the principals of Chinese Medicine, women age in cycles of 7 years and men in cycles of 8 years.  At age 21 for women and 24 for men development is complete.  Our physical peak occurs at age 28 for women and 32 for men.  This is when our muscles, tendons, and bones are at their strongest.  This explains why endurance athletes peak later in life compared to other athletes. Then at the next cycle, age 35 for women and 40 for men subtle signs of aging begin.  Fine lines begin to appear, hair loss becomes more prominent and dental issues occur.  At age 42 for women and 48 for men signs of aging become more noticeable.  The hair becomes gray, wrinkles deepen and and the face begins to sag.  During the next cycle, age 49 for women and 56 for men signs of aging are seen and felt.  Women may experience menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and insomnia.  Men may experience more hair loss and frequent night urination.  Both men and women may notice more joint pain, tendon issues, loss of energy and decrease in hearing.  The cycles continue on every 7 or 8 years.  Major changes in health can be seen around these time periods.

In Chinese Medicine the Kidneys are the root of life and the foundation of good health.  The strength of our Kidney energy determines our growth, development, maturation and how quickly we age. All of us are born with a limited amount of Kidney energy also known as Jing. We use a little Jing  everyday and it cannot be replaced. But Jing can be supplemented by eating healthy foods, living in a clean environment and of course by receiving regular acupuncture.  Premature aging is a sign of Jing depletion.  A course of acupuncture followed by regular maintenance treatments preserves and restores vital kidney energy.


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