What our patients are saying about Denise and In Motion

“While training for El Tour de Tucson, a 109 mile perimeter bicycle ride in Tucson, AZ, I began having severe shoulder pain. A typically easy 30 mile ride would find me restlessly shifting between the drops and the bar in an effort to find a comfortable, sustainable riding position. I immediately made an appointment with Denise for acupuncture. Denise listened carefully as I explained my symptoms. I knew she understood how important it was for me to have a quick and lasting recovery so that I could continue my training pain free. I hardly felt the insertion of the hair thin needles but the release and deep relaxation they produced I will never forget. I fell asleep on the table waking up 45 minutes later to find Denise removing the needles. The next day I rode effortlessly, free of pain and loaded with energy, an added bonus! That single acupuncture treatment had released the muscles in my shoulder allowing me to resume my usual training routine. I continue to see Denise for acupuncture she is my secret weapon for pain and a Miracle Worker I have come to trust. I have learned through my association with her how important it is to keep the Qi, life energy, flowing unrestricted in my body. Acupuncture works and I am so grateful I have found a practitioner who knows just how to use it for me.” — GN

“After knee surgery I was unable to lift my leg enough to climb a stair. I couldn’t make the stair so she adjusted the needles then I tried again. Then she adjusted the needles again and then I could lift my foot up. I’ve had acupuncture from 10 different acupuncturists, but never from someone specializing in orthopedic acupuncture. What she did was amazing.” — JK
“Your treatments brought me a long way and saved me a lot of pain. I will always be thankful for your healing touch and treatments.” — BC

“Many, many thanks for helping in the restoration of balance to my body, mind and spirit. Also your knowledge and ease of explaining acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to me.” — JR

“Denise is a true expert in orthopedic acupuncture.” — CV