192 Miles on Wainwright’s Coast to Coast

Chinese Medicine for Long Distance Hiking



Start of Coast to Coast

Walking up from Saint Bee

I recently completed Wainwright’s Coast to Coast walk in September.  It is a 192 mile hike across northern England from the Irish Sea to the North Sea. This has been a bucket list trip for several years.  I completed the trek in 15 days and averaged between 12-14 miles per day of walking.  Some days were shorter and some longer.  I trained all summer by taking long day hikes in Flagstaff and short but steep early morning hikes here in Mesa, AZ.

Richmond Castle over half way to the end

I was tired at the end of day, but always woke refreshed and ready to go the next morning.  I credit my good energy levels to the herbal supplement Ginseng Endurance Formula which is manufactured by Golden Flower Chinese Herbs.  I took this as I was training for this trip and throughout the trek.  This formula contains ginseng, astragalus and nine other herbs that work together to boost sports performance and improve endurance.  These herbs increase oxygen in the blood, increase lung capacity, and decrease toxic metabolites that build up in the muscles.  I had great energy and no muscle soreness during the trip.

I absolutely love this supplement and have used it for previous trips and training for different events.  I always make sure to take it for endurance mountain biking events, backpacking and ski trips with a lot of climbing.  I also recommend it for my patients who are endurance athletes so that they can continue to train and perform at a high level.  If you are looking to make the most of a “bucket list ” trip or are an endurance athlete looking to gain more stamina our clinic has the experience to help you meet your goals.

Robin Hood’s Bay
Completion of Coast to Coast

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